• Record on all browsers
  • Playback on all browsers
  • HTML playback reports
  • JUnit Style playback reports
  • Store reports in Database
  • Suites and batch run
  • Parallel playback (multiple instances of a browser running tests simultaneously)
  • Distribute tests across machines
  • Anchor Button on Controller to easily establish “near” and “in” relations
  • View recorded steps in Controller
  • Script Editor to easily create functions
  • Excel Framework
  • Custom report generation
  • Take Snapshots
  • Side by Side Compare Logs
  • Flex automation
  • Automatically accept SSL certificates
  • Ability to build repository of HTML Elements while recording
  • Price

Sahi OS

Sahi Pro

Sahi is a free, open source tool for automation of web application testing. Sahi is very tester friendly and allows easy automation of even complex web 2.0 applications with lots of AJAX content. With an excellent recorder, smart object identification, simple scripting, automatic waits and inbuilt reports, Sahi gives the tester a powerful yet simple tool to accomplish testing across various browser and OS combinations. Sahi works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. on Windows, Mac and Linux. (Sahi works on any browser which supports a proxy and executes Javascript. This means it supports all browsers since IE6.)

Recommendation: If you have small requirements of automation, say less than 100 scripts, use open source Sahi. If you need richer database backed reports, multi machine playback, guaranteed support etc. use the more feature rich Sahi Pro.